What Does a Car Injury Attorney Do?

What Does a Car Injury Attorney Do?

There is an average of six million car crash accidents in the US that take place every year. Data shows that approximately 3 million victims get hurt in these accidents per year. Were you also injured recently in an auto accident?

If this happened to you, are your co-workers, or family members advising you to hire professional legal help to assist with your case? You can learn more in this article. Find out what a car crash injury attorney can do to help accident victims. You’ll find out just how these professionals can help you see the best outcome for your case.

Legal Definition of “Car Crash”

The legal definition of a car crash is when motor vehicles collide with stationary objects, another vehicle, an animal, or a pedestrian. This legal definition also outlines what all persons involved in the collision are responsible for.

When a motor vehicle driver receives their driver’s license, they agree to uphold a pledge called their “legal duty.” And as a precondition to getting their license, a driver uses their “legal duty” as a promise to obey all traffic laws. Drivers also promise to manage their vehicles when they are driving around pedestrians, bicyclists, or other vehicles.

Disputes arise in an injury case when the injured victim and the driver disagree about whether the driver was driving responsibly. They might also differ on whether the driver was avoiding their legal duty.

What is a Car Injury Attorney?

A car injury attorney represents a motor vehicle crash victim. They will represent victims who believe that someone else’s careless negligence caused their injuries.

Sometimes, car accident lawyers are also referred to as accident claim attorneys. You’ll find that a crash accident legal professional specializes in the field of law called tort law.

What a Car Injury Attorney Can Do For You

A car injury attorney will help guide injured victims through the settlement negotiation process. This process takes place with the driver’s insurance company.

They will also help lead victims through the legal system in the event they don’t reach a settlement. Here are some other reasons why you should hire a car accident attorney and how they can help you with your case.

Follow the Statute of Limitations

The statute of limitations outlines how long an injured victim has after their accident to file a lawsuit with the local trial court system. If a victim can’t file their case within these required deadlines, they can’t receive any compensation to help pay their damages.

Car accident lawyers can help victims file their cases within these statutory deadlines. They will also show you how you can file your claim when your injuries appear later.

Injuries that appear at a later date are called delayed-onset injuries. Delayed-onset injury cases have a separate set of legal filing requirements to comply with.

Prepare Demand for Compensation Documents

A car accident lawyer can also draft a demand for compensation document on behalf of their clients. Your car accident lawyer mails this demands document to the driver responsible for the car accident victim’s injuries. They also send a copy to the driver’s car insurance provider as well.

Demand for compensation documents summarizes the injuries and damages received. This document also includes why the victim believes the driver should be responsible for their injuries. A demand for compensation can also identify what amounts of reimbursement the victim needs to correct the damages.

Drivers can choose to ignore or reject the victim’s demand for compensation. When this happens, a car accident lawyer can file the victim’s claim in the trial court system to help them recover their damages.

Settlement Negotiations

Sometimes both victims and drivers want to drop the legal action and privately settle the case away from the courtroom. Approximately 95 percent of car injury cases are settled outside of the legal process, this way.

A car injury attorney can represent injured victims in these negotiation settlements. They’ll help find a resolution faster and avoid paying expensive court fees.

When Should You Hire a Car Injury Attorney?

If you were in a car accident, it’s vital to act quickly after your accident takes place. Call a car injury attorney if one of these situations applies to you:

Conflicting Medical, Police, or Other Accident Reports

They can reject your lawsuit if there are any contradicting facts between any medical, police, or other accident reports. When you hire a car injury lawyer, they can launch their own independent investigation of your accident. Then they will turn in your conclusions and theirs to address details included in these other reports.

An Injury Requiring Overnight Hospital Treatment

If the injuries from your car accident required you to stay at a hospital overnight, be prepared to receive some very expensive hospital care fees as you recover. You could also incur ongoing medical expenses in the future as well.

Dispute Over Responsibility

In the US, each state has at-fault laws. These laws say that an injury victim can’t be more than half responsible for their accident if they expect to receive reimbursement to pay for their damages. When disputes arise on an at-fault issue, your claim is forwarded to the justice system for either a judge or jury to decide.

When your lawsuit reaches this stage, that’s your sign that you should call a car injury attorney. Contact one of these professionals regardless if you are the injured victim or the defendant. A car accident lawyer can help you understand your state’s at-fault laws to see if your case meets your state’s requirements.

What Are Your Next Steps?

Are you ready to hire a car injury attorney? You can start the process today, even if you don’t see any serious injuries right now. Starting a car accident injury claim today can help you in the future if you start suffering from a delayed onsite injury further down the road.

If you are ready, then give us a call! We can schedule a free consultation with you. Dealing with the injury claims process is overwhelming if you’re still recovering. Let us do the hard work for you.

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