Tampa Car Accident Attorneys: When Is It Time For A Second Opinion?

Tampa Car Accident Attorneys: When Is It Time For A Second Opinion?

It can be a bummer feeling unsatisfied with the results after hiring a Tampa car accident attorney. However, this does not mean you should dump your case just yet. When there’s a lot at stake, it’s quite common for people to desire a second opinion. Especially, when deciding on a large purchase or something highly valuable. This could be on a dream car or a home repair, most people wouldn’t want to go with the very first option or person.

However, hiring the right Tampa car accident attorneys for your case could be a bit different. Considering time-sensitive matters such as the 14-day rule, you may wonder if a second opinion is even necessary. You also may even wonder what signs you should watch out for. Here are a few things to look for in a trusted law firm:

Attorneys Should Always Keep Regular Communication

First, having open and honest communication with your Tampa car accident attorney is essential. This way you are receiving the updates and support you need so that your case continues to move smoothly. Allowing you time to heal from any injuries or health conditions caused by the accident. It is also beneficial after your initial meeting to share any evidence you collected. Like, the other parties’ contact information, photographs of the scene, and any other facts pertaining to your case.

This process can last anywhere from weeks to months, so frequent communication is essential. If you are experiencing a difficult time reaching your attorney and find yourself constantly lost on what to do next, this could be a red flag.

Attorneys Should Work as a Team

Attorneys who take a collaborative approach in cases, tend to get the best results for their clients. Working as a team not only gets clients better results but helps reduce the amount of time it takes to resolve your case. By collaborating, a strong team of lawyers can address and tackle complex client issues. When a lawyer is able to build a strong case with the help of his or her team members, it can help strengthen your case by bringing in other sets of perspectives. This also significantly helps prepare your lawyer for possible obstacles an insurance company might throw at them.

Additionally, each attorney can integrate their expertise to deliver the best outcome for your case. Furthermore, two minds are better than one, so with a team of experts working on your case, your chances of getting your desired outcome at a faster rate are high.

Attorneys Should Have Your Best Interest

If your Tampa car accident attorney wanted you to sign a contract before you even met with anyone, this may be a red flag. Especially if you find yourself being pressured into accepting a settlement to avoid going to trial. Keep in mind that lawyers are supposed to not only act in your best interest but in an ethical manner as well. If your lawyer is pressuring you to make a rash decision such as taking a settlement offer, it is a possibility that they may feel unprepared or afraid to go to trial.

Your Case Is Moving Along In a Timely Manner

If it feels like your case is moving at snail speed, you may need to be wary. Updates during the attorney and client relationship are one of the most important elements in order to have a solid case on your hands. If you have been waiting several months to hear back about your case, a second opinion maybe your best option.

In addition, if it feels like an ongoing battle to get ahold of your attorney and you often run into constant issues such as unreturned phone calls and messages, it’s definitely a red flag. Although it is common for attorneys to be swamped, there is no excuse for their other clients to go neglected. In fact, there should be staff readily available to answer any questions or schedule appointments to meet with your attorney.

Do You Want A Second Opinion?

It definitely wouldn’t hurt to have an open conversation with your current Tampa car accident attorney about your concerns. Of course, if you are feeling dissatisfied, you may want to go ahead and seek a second opinion.

If you are ready to make that decision, contact our office! We can schedule a free consultation. We know how stressful the process is and we want you to take the time to heal. Let us take your personal injury case off your hands!

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