Practice Defensive Driving This Holiday Season

defensive driving

Defensive driving during normal days is essential. Practicing defensive driving during the holiday season is even more essential. The holidays are a time for family gatherings, warm food on the table, and chilly weather.

It’s also a time for busy stores and roads flooded with traffic. As more people come into town to visit family, the roads become chaotic. Now, more than ever, you need to understand how to drive defensively.

Keep yourself and your family safe by understanding all the steps required to drive in defense mode. In the guide below, you’ll learn everything you need to know about doing just that. Continue reading to get started!

Make Winter Preparations

There are ways to ensure defensive driving before you even step inside your vehicle. Making preparations for your vehicle for winter weather is a great starting place. When preparing your vehicle, you’ll need to check your battery.

Cold weather can have a negative impact on older batteries. All electrical connections and drive belts should be checked as well. The next step is to check your tires.

Make sure all tires have the right amount of air and have a good amount of tread on them as well. Wiper blades should also be checked. During rainstorms, it’s dangerous not to have properly-working wipers.

During the evening hours, turn all of your vehicle’s lights on and ensure they’re working also.

Have an Emergency Kit Ready

In case of an accident of any sort, you should have an emergency kit ready. There are pre-made kits you can buy, but you can also put your own together. A few blankets are a great starting point.

You can also consider placing some hand heaters in there as well. Chemical light sticks and a flashlight will also come in handy during the evening hours. Ponchos, jumper cables, rope, and all the first aid necessities will complete your emergency kit.

Another great idea is to have the name and number of a reputable car accident attorney in your emergency kit. This can come in handy if another driver causes an accident. If an accident were to occur during winter’s evening hours, you’ll have everything you need to stay safe and warm until help arrives.

Never Drive While Tired or Under the Influence

Because the holidays consist of several family get-togethers and lots of celebrating, it’s not uncommon to want to drink during these times. If you plan on drinking, then be sure to have a designated driver chosen beforehand. If everyone wants to join in on drinking, then you should have an alternate solution, such as a private taxi service.

Driving under the influence prevents you from being able to drive defensively because the alcohol impairs your judgment. Not only do you put yourself and your passengers at risk, but you put other drivers on the road at risk too. There’s nothing wrong with having some fun with family and friends during the holidays, but plan for a safe ride home in advance.

Keep a Good Distance Between You and Other Drivers

Even when sober, you still need to be cautious. Keep a good distance between you and all other drivers on the road. You never know which driver might be under the influence or distracted.

Because it’s wintertime, the roads are less safe. Wet roads from the rain and cold weather can cause braking and control issues for some vehicles, including yours. Give yourself extra time to break when the roads are slick.

Stay multiple car lengths away from other cars on the road. If any mishaps were to happen with either your car or theirs, you’ll all be far enough away from one another that hopefully, a crash doesn’t happen.

Eliminate All Distractions

You can’t drive defensively if you’re distracted. If you want to drive defensively, then you must eliminate all distractions while driving. If you have trouble refraining from checking your phone, then lock it in the glove compartment while driving.

If there’s an emergency, and you need to use your phone, then pull over first. You should also save all snacks and meals for when you’ve arrived at your destination. Stay focused and keep your eyes on the road at all times.

This way, you’re ready for anything.

Look Far Ahead of You

While driving, you should always look far ahead of you. Rather than only keeping tabs on what’s directly in front of you, you need to know what lies ahead. Are there any obstacles in the road?

Is there a sharp turn approaching? Has a large amount of debris fallen onto a section of the road? Know what’s ahead of you so you have enough time to make changes if needed.

Take a Defensive Driving Course

Do you need more practice driving defensively? There’s a defensive driving course you can take to better prepare you for driving during the busy season. You might even be able to find a defensive driving class online as well.

Consider looking into these classes and finding one near you. With the practice and knowledge, you’ll receive from the instructor, paired with the information given in this guide, you’ll be driving defensively in no time!

Start Practicing Defensive Driving Right Now

Keeping these defensive driving tips in mind is the best way to prevent accidents during the holidays. Unfortunately, some accidents can’t be prevented. That’s where your car accident attorney comes into play.

Have you been involved in a car accident? Are you having trouble resolving the claim?

Contact us today for a free consultation!

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