The Honest Guide to Finding a Car Accident Attorney

finding a Tampa car accident attorney

Have you recently been involved in a car accident in Tampa and are unsure where to turn for help? Do you need direction on where to take your case moving forward? If so, then you need to learn about finding a car accident attorney for your bodily injury.

Doing so can help you in your case. While you focus on recovering, you can receive the compensation that you need for your medical expenses. That way, your future isn’t compromised by someone else’s negligence.

See below for an honest guide to finding the best Tampa car accident attorney for your injury and your case.

1. Look at Online Reviews

Maybe you recently moved down to Tampa and aren’t familiar with any personal injury attorneys in the area. Perhaps you’ve been burned by a previous car accident lawyer and want to avoid making the same mistake again.

Whatever the reasoning, you can use online reviews for finding a car accident attorney that’s worth your time and money. They’ll be with you every step of the way.

The best attorneys have a client-first approach. They listen first and offer advice and feedback to your comments and questions. Be sure to use online reviews to find an attorney that has a reputation for doing that.

Pay special attention to the comments on the online reviews. What have the clients said about their service? Were they helpful throughout the process? Did the attorney help them build evidence? What was the outcome of the case?

How long did their case take to settle? Did they get the compensation that they were hoping for? Be sure to find a reputable car accident attorney for your needs.

2. Schedule a Consultation

You shouldn’t hire an attorney without taking the time to meet with them first. Most offer free consultations so that you can meet and see if there’s a natural fit.

This is also an opportunity to ask them more about the process and how they would handle it.

How long do they think it will take to resolve your case? What compensation would they recommend you seeking for your bodily injury? How many people will be working on your case? How often do they go to trial?

Be sure to consider the natural chemistry between you and them. Depending on the case, you could be working with that attorney for up to two years waiting for a settlement. You’ll want to make sure you see eye to eye.

While you wait to receive compensation, be sure to set yourself up with pre-settlement funding to get financial relief for your medical expenses in the short term.

3. Find a Good Communicator

You aren’t the expert, they are. You’re hiring them to oversee your case and help you get the compensation amount that you’re looking for.

That said, you should never be left in the dark on your own case. A good car accident lawyer always prioritizes keeping their clients in the loop. Whether it’s talking with the opposition or catching you up on different aspects of your case, good communication goes a long way.

Ideally, your attorney will take over a majority of the case so that you can focus on rehabilitation and recovery. Because of that, you want to find someone that has a talent for updating you whenever necessary.

4. Consider Their Fees

While most people cringe at asking this question, it’s a necessary part of the process. You need to have a firm understanding of how your lawyer charges their clients.

Some charge an hourly rate. Others require a certain percentage of the settlement package that you receive. There isn’t necessarily one that’s better than the other, just make sure it’s a payment method that you’re comfortable with.

It’s sometimes a useful exercise to create a budget, then ask your potential car accident attorney to provide you with a quote. Make sure the quote estimate includes any potential fees they may charge at the end.

5. Find a Specialist

Too many people sabotage their own car accident case by hiring a personal injury lawyer that specializes in other areas.

To increase the likelihood of getting your desired compensation, you need to hire a lawyer that specializes in car accidents. They’ll have the experience and know-how to build evidence for your case.

They can also use their extensive network to benefit your case. They might also have an established business relationship with the opposition’s lawyer, the judges, and so forth.

6. Bring Evidence to Them

The more evidence that you have for your car accident case, the better chance you have at getting your desired compensation.

If you have any evidence from the initial crash, be sure to bring it to your lawyer whenever you meet with them for the first time. This could be evidence such as photos, witness statements, injuries, the car you were in, hospital documentation, etc.

Your lawyer can give you an idea of how they’d use this evidence to your benefit. They might also discuss missing pieces of evidence that they’d want to gather for you, as well as information on how they might go about doing that.

Find a Tampa Car Accident Attorney for Your Bodily Injury

Now that you have seen an honest and extensive guide for how to find an attorney for your bodily injury, it’s time for you to find the right car accident lawyer.

Be sure to read this article for more information on the 5 things you should look for in a Tampa car accident attorney.

For more inquiries, please reach out via our contact us page and we will be happy to schedule a free consultation for your needs.

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