How Tailgating Causes Accidents (And How to Stop It)

How Tailgating Causes Accidents

There are 6 million car accidents in the United States each year. Many of these accidents could be preventable with proper driving techniques, like avoiding tailgating.

Do you want to learn more about tailgating car accidents and how to find a car accident lawyer near me? Keep reading this article to see how tailgating causes accidents and how you can avoid this dangerous driving habit.

Reduces Stopping Distance

One of the biggest reasons that tailgating can cause car accidents is that it significantly reduces the stopping distance of your car. The stopping distance of your vehicle is how many feet it would take for your vehicle to stop.

Some things that affect your stopping distances are how fast you are traveling and the type of vehicle you drive. For example, a large truck or commercial vehicle requires a larger stopping distance because it is more difficult to slow down.

Most cars take about 120-140 feet to stop when they are traveling 60 miles per hour. This means that if you are tailgating another vehicle and they suddenly stop, you will not have enough time to stop as well.

Affects Reaction Time

Not only does tailgating affect how long it will take you to stop, but it can also affect your reaction time. The reaction time of a driver is how long it takes them to respond and react to a hazard.

For example, when you are driving on the freeway and traffic suddenly comes to a halt, it may take you a few seconds to realize what is happening and start slowing down yourself.

Other things affect reaction time, including how fast you are going, distractions, and even driving experience. When you are distracted by the person driving in front of you, you may not notice risks as quickly as you would before.

This can lead to a car accident, especially if you aren’t able to react and slow down quickly enough.

Leads to Retaliation

Another common problem with tailgating is that it may lead to retaliation. If the driver of the vehicle in front of you is frustrated that you are tailgating, they may do something reckless to try to make you slow down.

For example, many drivers will do something called a brake check. Essentially, they will hit their breaks to make the tailgater slow down or move around them. However, if they hit the breaks too hard, it can lead to a rear-end collision, especially if the tailgater is distracted by something else.

Other people feel the need to make rude gestures at a driver as they pass, but it is best to avoid eye contact or any other type of communication with the other driver.

Can Create More Aggressive Driving

Just as tailgating can lead to retaliation, it can also create more aggressive driving and escalate a situation. For example, people who are in a rush to get somewhere may be tired of driving behind a slower vehicle.

If they quickly swerve into another lane and speed to pass the slower vehicle, it can lead to another car accident.

Studies of aggressive driving also show that people who tailgate generally have other aggressive driving behaviors. This can include road rage or other reckless maneuvers.

How to Avoid Tailgating

There are several ways that you can avoid the dangers of tailgating.

First, it is vital that you drive the speed limit. Speeding is one of the most common causes of car accidents and is even more dangerous when you are driving too close to another vehicle. Driving too slow can also be the reason that another car tailgates your vehicle.

The only reason you should not drive the speed limit is if there are harsh weather conditions and the road is dangerous to drive on or if traffic is congested.

Another way you can avoid the dangers of tailgating is to stop yourself from brake-checking another vehicle. Even if it is tempting to try to make the other car slow down, it can be the reason you are in an accident.

If you are on a two-lane highway, it is best to always stay in the right lane unless you are passing another car. This is a law in many states, but it can allow faster drivers to pass you more easily without feeling the need to tailgate your vehicle.

Essentially, if you practice defensive driving techniques and keep yourself focused on the driving conditions around you, you can prevent most accidents, including tailgating accidents.

Finally, you want to do everything you can to avoid reacting to another driver. By controlling your reactions when the driver of another vehicle is being irresponsible or annoying, you can prevent a lot of problems and decrease the likelihood that you will get into a car accident.

Involved in a Tailgating Accident? Find Car Accident Attorneys Near Me

Tailgating accidents can cause serious injuries, including neck, back, and chest injuries. However, there are many ways that you can avoid the dangers of tailgating. By following these tips, you can keep yourself and other passengers in your car safer.

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