Everything You Need to Do After a Car Accident

Car Accident

Every year, 4.4 million people suffer a serious injury as a result of a car accident. Being involved in a car accident is never good news. The effects of a car accident can be profound.

Do you know what to do after a car accident? There are several steps you need to take if you’re a victim of a car accident. The actions you take will play a role in how your physical and financial recovery will go. 

Read this guide to learn everything you need to do after you get in a car accident. 

1. Remain Calm 

When you’re involved in a car accident, there will be several thoughts that will run through your head. You’ll also feel different emotions. This is all normal. 

After the shock passes, you need to take a couple of deep breaths. You want to remain calm. Keeping calm will help you deal with the accident and its aftermath.

You don’t need to fight with the other driver or passengers. Keep a cool head and remain on the scene of the crash.

2. Check for Injuries

Check for injuries. Start with yourself and your passenger. Then check with everyone else. 

If it appears that anyone has injuries, you must call 911 right away. Try not to move if you were seriously injured. 

If you’re hurt, ask someone else to call 911. Don’t risk making your injuries any worse so wait until help arrives. 

3. Move Your Car Out of the Road

Thank your lucky stars if you or no one else suffered a serious injury. If no one suffered an injury, you must still call the police. The police will have to document the accident. 

Before you call the police to report the car accident, you’ll need to move your car out of the road. You shouldn’t leave your car in the middle of the road as it will block traffic. If possible move it over to the shoulder.

Turn on your car’s hazard lights so other cars can see you. You can also open the trunk to alert oncoming drivers to slow down. If you can’t move the car, get yourself to a safe spot. 

You shouldn’t be anywhere on the road. Being on the road can increase your risk of being hurt by incoming cars. 

4. Check for Damage

After your car is out of the road and you’re in a space spot, you can proceed to assess for damage. Take the time to do this. Walk around the car and inspect the damage closely.

Take as many pictures and videos of the damage as you need to. Then take pictures of the other cars and their damages. Save the photos and videos as you’ll need to provide them to your insurance provider.

If you aren’t able to take pictures, draw a diagram of the cars and their damages. Try to do this while the accident is still fresh on your mind. 

5. Exchange Driver Information

After you’re done taking pictures of the damages, you’ll need to exchange information with the other driver(s). You have to get their names and insurance information. 

Other useful information that you should consider gathering includes the driver’s contact information. Write down the other car’s make and model, as well as its license plate. 

All this information will be on the accident report that the police give you. You should still make a note of all the information in case you lose the police report. 

If possible, try to get the name and contact information of bystanders who saw the accident. Their statements can be useful if there is a dispute over who is at fault. This information will also be useful if you go to court. 

You must also get the name and badge number of the police officers who responded to the accident. Their information will also be on the copy of the accident report. 

6. File an Insurance Claim and Hire a Car Accident Lawyer

Once your head is in the right place, you must consider if you’re going to file an insurance claim. You should start this process as soon as possible. 

Several factors will determine if it makes sense to file an insurance claim. If the other driver was at fault and you suffered serious injuries, there is a case. 

If there was significant damage to your car, you also have a good case. Do you need to receive treatment for your injuries and can’t work? These are two good reasons to file an insurance claim.

This is where all the evidence you gathered will come in handy. You have to provide all the information to the insurance adjuster. This person is responsible for assessing damages and injuries to determine how much money will be given for the claim. 

Next, you must hire a car accident lawyer. The car accident lawyer will take your case and make sure you get compensated. This type of lawyer will deal with the insurance companies on your behalf.  

You don’t want to get taken advantage of by the insurance companies. The car accident lawyer you hire will explain your legal options to you so you can better understand them. 

The lawyer’s goal is to get you more money for your medical bills and damaged property. If you aren’t working, you don’t want to struggle to make ends meet. 

Take Action After a Car Accident

There are several things you must-do if you’re involved in a car accident. You want to make sure you can recover from the accident. Follow these steps so you can protect yourself. 

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