Car Accident Not Your Fault? Here’s What Happens

Car Accident Not Your Fault? Here's What Happens

Car accidents are among the worst experiences a person can have. One has to deal with the aftermath of the accident. No one wants to go through that. If you’re the victim of a car accident, you must know what to do. Car accident not your fault? That can make the situation less stressful, but what happens if you don’t have car insurance?

There are several things you have to do if you don’t have car insurance. Read this article to learn what to do if the car accident wasn’t your fault.

Check for Injuries

The first thing you must do is to check for injuries. You might be in shock, but you need to catch your breath. If you can’t get out of the car, stay in the car and call 911 or have a bystander call 911.

Check on your passengers. If you need to go to the hospital, go. Your health and well-being come first.

Even if you don’t feel bad, it’s a good idea to go see a doctor later on. Some injuries might not affect you right away. You might experience pain days after the accident.

If everyone is fine, you must move your car to the side of the road. If possible, move your car off the road to avoid other accidents.

Turn on your car’s emergency lights to let drivers know there’s an accident. Several states have move over laws that mandate drivers to slow down and move to another lane.

Call the Police

After you make sure that everyone is ok, you must call the police. You have to call the police even if it was a minor car accident.

The police will give you a car accident report. This report will serve as a record of the accident. It’ll also hold the other driver accountable for the accident.

The driver who was at fault might receive a citation. There’s also a chance you will receive a citation for driving without insurance.

You can expect to get a hefty fine. Your state’s DMV might even suspend your license for up to a year.

Get Relevant Information

While you wait for the police to arrive, you must take the time to get relevant information. You have to get the other driver’s personal information.

Get the driver’s name and address. You must also get their plate number and license number. Yes, this information will be on the police report, but it’s a good idea to get it this way too.

The other driver will want to get your information too. Don’t share information that isn’t relevant to the accident. After exchanging information, the next step is to take pictures of the accident scene.

It’s a good idea to take pictures of the accident right after it occurs. Focus on the damage from different angles. Don’t forget to take a picture of the other car’s license plate.

Also, consider taking pictures of the environment and weather. These factors might have contributed to the accident. Take pictures of whatever you think is relevant to the car accident.

Get statements from the witnesses. You want to get their immediate thoughts about the car accident. Before they leave, get their contact information.

The witnesses’ information can serve as evidence. It can show you weren’t at fault. This information might come in handy if you have to go to court, later on, so keep it in a secure place.

Call a Car Accident Lawyer

So, you were not at fault for the accident? That’s some good news. The problem is that you have no insurance.

The consequences of driving without insurance are no joke. If you get in an accident and don’t have insurance, things might get complicated.

Even if a car accident is not your fault, you might still be liable for the other driver’s damages and medical care.

In some states, you might not be able to sue for any damages if you don’t have insurance. This means you might not be able to seek compensation for pain and suffering.

This is where a car accident lawyer can help. You’ll need a reputable car accident lawyer to help protect your rights. This type of lawyer can help you seek fair compensation for your damages.

If you suffer a serious injury, you might be in the hospital and won’t be able to work. You want to make sure that you can get money to pay for the bills and rent.

You also want to make sure that you’re able to get a car. The last thing you want is to be without a car.

Your car accident lawyer can also help you avoid any major legal issues. You must inform your lawyer that you weren’t at fault. You must also tell the lawyer that you were driving without insurance.

During the initial consultation with the lawyer, the lawyer will go over your case. The lawyer will then develop a unique strategy to go with your case. The goal is to help you get the compensation you deserve.

Car Accident Not Your Fault

After a car accident, there are several things you must do. You must gather important information. Call the police so you can get an accident report.

But what happens if you’re uninsured? Car accident not your fault? You must contact a car accident lawyer to take on your case.

A car accident lawyer will help protect your rights. If you were in a car accident in the Tampa area, contact us to schedule your free consultation.

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